Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm back... with a vengeance

Well hello there.  It's been a while... nearly 4 years, exactly ;)  I haven't been very prolific in this blog world but that's about to change.  A lot has happened in my life over the last few years, so instead of spending gobs of time rehashing every step I took to get here, allow me to summarize for your reading pleasure:

Highlights from my last 4 years:

  • -Well, I'm still running hard, training hard, racing, trying to qualify for Boston (hence the blog name) and generally more hungry than ever to improve and to be competitive in the sport!  Running, CHECK.
  • -This year I got sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and I'm PUMPED to be on their team.

  • -I have two lovely young children.  Isaac is now 5, tall and skinny (like his daddy) and Ava is 2 and energetic! 
  • I've switched jobs twice, and now currently I'm happily employed at the Four Seasons Hotel here in St. Louis as Purchasing Manager, and doing a variety of things. 
  • Still living in St. Louis, still in Valley Park, still working on my house and trying to be a manly-man-fix-it-boy.  Still failing at one of those things.
  • I've been fairly consistent on Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed working with different groups of newbie runners in training for various races. (Love the first-timers especially!) 
  • I eat a lot of cheddar brats and I enjoy a sudsy brew on the regular....CARBS. 
Ok, well that about does it... you're officially caught up and now a semi-expert on my life. This was just a little swan dive back into the blog-o-sphere so I will do much better in the near future about putting out updates and generally more well-written pieces.  I love to write and in all seriousness I hope whatever I write finds a way to fuel you and encourage you. 

Plain and simple. 

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