Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The plan....

In the last week I've been trying to identify the things that make sense for me and the things that I think I need to solidify if I'm going to really do this the right way. I've outlined a plan for the next 10 months, split into 2 segments of 5 months, each with a different focus. Here it is:

Phase 1: The Base (5 Months)

  • Start by building my base from current mileage to consistent and comfortable mileage.
  • Average 25-35 miles/week, with a basic weekend long run at 1-2 miles longer than normal weekly runs.
  • Establish a solid training/racing shoe that fits my needs, and would work well for the marathon distance.
  • Learn what it feels like to run a 7:15 mile, and start working on even-paced runs.
  • Do core-work and basic ab training during the week.
  • Be consistent, avoid injuries, and don't overdo it!
  • Begin consistent stretching, and efforts at inreasing flexibility.
  • Begin dedicated efforts for running hills better. (Stairs and hills - specific workouts)
  • Avoid anaerobic threshold runs, oxygen debt training, and heavy interval surges mid-week when building the base. (pace training, and energy conservation)

Phase 2: The Buildup (5 months)

  • Start summer training program in June for marathon race in Oct., Nov., or Dec.
  • Build from 25-35 miles/week to 50 miles/week minimum, comfortably.
  • Add 1 speed training day per week (track) to the mix.
  • Run the 20 mile long run distance twice during the program. (average the results)
  • Focus long runs on pacing, consistency and negative splits.
  • Be consistent about Saturday long runs. Schedule the time...NO excuses!
  • Emphasize proper cool down methods (heart rate and hydration) for better recovery.
  • Learn to eat and drink effectively and comfortably on runs longer than 10 miles.
  • Continue to do core-work and ab training every day.
  • Continue to increase weekly stretching and flexibility work.

So that's it! Let's get to it!

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  1. i just want you to know that i ate a mcgriddle today... delicious!